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Mafia Rise
Game information REGISTERED,2746 ONLINE, KILLING,
Server time is 10/23/19 7:07 pm
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Mafia rise official rules
Dear mafioso you are playing an online game and here are some terms and conditions.
1. We always remove cheatings from game.
2. We give only one chance to any player and 2nd time he will be banned.
3. Any purchase in game will made directly and if you have already purchased there will be no refund.
4. You are not allowed to have more than 1 account.
5. You are playing game for fun.
6. Any loss or used by your friend will not qualify for refund of money of credits.
7. We never allow to use bad words in game.
8. We do not offer any help in Game to any player.
9. No favors can be made in game round.
10. Never paid or buy credits from hacked account. because there will be no Refund.
11. Auto Refreshers and auto page loaders are strictly prohibited.